365 days, 12 Chapters



Something that has really spoke volumes to me is that with a new year brings so many days to accomplish your goals. Consider it a fresh start and the push to finally start making accomplishments.


Reflecting on 2016 – it was a great year. I completed a full time internship, I graduated with a Bachelor’s and a minor, landed a dream job, and purchased my new car. Lately, I have been feeling truly blessed and am ready to accomplish a lot in 2017.



  • Save more money – stop spending on useless things
  • Keep my credit cards at 15% utilization
  • Take more time for myself
  • start a new hobby
  • travel – a lot
  • Move out of my parent’s house – I love them but I am dreaming of my independent college days.
  • Get Healthier – and not focus on the scale, incorporating more activities during the work week
  • Purge my closet

Day 2 of 365. Good luck Jacqueline.



Ticket for one please


With the high stress and fast paced lives most adults lead it is so important to take time for yourself. Over the course of the last six months I have quickly made the transition from college student to full time adult. It’s tough. Anyone who says otherwise probably has not started a career.

Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love my job and feel incredibly blessed to have the career that I do. I could not ask for a better place to be in right now. BUT – do I sometimes miss the carefree life of a college student? Of course. But all good things must come to an end and this chapter of my life is just getting started. I will freely admit I have high anxiety, some days are better than others and some days it does not effect me at all. I am a chronic worrier and it is both a positive and negative depending how you view it.

Recently, I went to a mindfulness training and ever since then I constantly catch myself doing what I have done probably since becoming a college student: Churning, having my mind think about what I am currently doing, did yesterday, and am doing next week, sometimes to the point I have to tell myself to take a breath and slow down. Again, it is both a blessing and a curse that I am able to be a chronic multi tasker but it does have its faults.

Since taking that mindfulness training I find myself slowing down because in that 3 hours of training I became cognizant of the bad habits I have. Which brings me to today’s blog post topic: Take yourself on a date. You heard me, do it and I promise you will thank me later. Yesterday I went to a movie by myself, I went to the counter and purchased a ticket for one and bought a venti coffee prior to going in. Although some would probably say I looked like a loser going to see a movie alone I absolutely loved it. It was two hours of silence and was probably more therapeutic than the deep tissue massages I frequently get. I left that movie with a clear mind because for that two hours I was not churning churning churning. I was focused and in the moment.

Even if you don’t experience the feeling of being so fast paced all the time take yourself on a  date, treat yo self. You deserve it. Go to a movie, take yourself out to a really good dinner, hit the mall by yourself and buy yourself that dress or handbag you’ve been eyeing, take a yoga class, do something out of your comfort zone. I promise you the benefits will out weigh the cost of whatever it is you are doing, It is nice to just focus on yourself for a brief period of the day, week, or month and re-group so that you can be the best human being you can offer to those around you.

Giving the world a taste of me and the things I love. 

My morning makeup routine


Early mornings and needing to looked polished and prepped for work? Check out the steps I take for my morning make up routine to get a put together look in under 10 minutes.

First I start with a clean out of the shower face and throw my wet hair into a top knot after applying my styling products. While I’m doing all of that by the sink I take my beauty blender and soak it and squeeze it out to prep for foundation. I light my trusty stress relief candle and we’re off to the races.

Next, I apply this Murad moisturizer all over my face followed by an eye cream under my eye and on my lid. After that it’s on to foundation- I use Revlon’s color stay foundation and Maybeline’s age rewind concelear and apply both with a beauty blender. To make sure that’s not going anywhere I dust my Revlon powder all over my t-zone followed by Mac’s peach twist and a highlight of Mac’s soft and gentle.

Lastly, the eyes. I use It Cosmetic’s brow pencil to fill in my brows and lastly this Revlon Butterfly mascara. To finish off the look I apply a tinted Burts bees chapstick in either pale pink or burgundy.

Now it’s off to watch spongebob and drink a cup of black coffee before drying my hair and heading to work.


Giving the world a taste of me and the things I love. 

Fun Facts and intros

Remeber how for all those years in school our first days were filled with introductions and fun facts? I always had the toughest time coming up with one, however I have a few interesting ones worth sharing…a lot of good it does me now that I’m graduated -enjoy!


  • I am a Starbucks gold card member and Amazon prime account holder – two things which say a lot about me. (I enjoy caffeine and online shopping with quick delivery)
  • if you’ve ever watched me leave a public bathroom I will check my shoe multiple times for toilet paper – this all stems from a time in 1st grade where I walked into the lunch room with toilet paper stuck to my shoe dragging across the floor.
  • my drink of choice is a vodka tonic lime or a craft beer
  • I overly enjoy looking at home decor
  • my Target ritual includes spending at least 10 minutes in the dollar spot
  • my biggest fear is divorce – among other things
  • I’m currently a freshman in the adult world – I think I’m Acing all my “classes”

Giving the world a taste of me and the things I love. 

Coming soon-

Keep an an eye out – it’s my favorite season which means I’ll be sharing lots of fashion faves and beauty must haves!





Not your average brown bag

Having an 8-5 work day can really do a number to your body between monday and friday. To help you out I’m sharing three of my favorite lunch bag combos for throughout the work week!

Berry power salad:

Processed with VSCO with f2 presetSpinach
Greens mix
drizzled with olive oil dressing and left to marinate over night
As a side snack I’ve paired cucumber medallions, snap peas, and classic hummus.

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset





Triple berry salad:

Kale mix

Strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries

drizzled olive oil dressing and leave over night

As a side snack I’ve paired pretzel chips and hummus. 





Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

A bowl of flavor 

Fill 3/4 of the bowl with spinach

One whole avocado sliced

One whole tomato sliced

sprinkled with chia seeds

drizzled with olive oil dressing and left to marinate over night

Paired with Strawberry Cheese cake greek yogurt, YUM! 


Post – Grad. When it finally sets in


I recently graduated from college a few weeks ago. What could be more exciting than obtaining a degree, getting a job offer, and entering the adult world? When I was little I couldn’t wait to grow up, literally could not wait. But then college happened, and four years went far too quickly.

When attending freshman orientation they don’t tell you what your experience will include, but they give you tips for success to make sure you make it out and across the stage. Get involved they say – Go Greek! Being one of the main attractions (at least at my university).

Going Greek is what has made this all so hard, post – grad life that is. I have found myself going through my old Pinterest boards and that is when it finally set in. It set in that the place I once called home, the place I always had to go back to, is over. Forever.

First, came my dorm room inspiration board, filled with ways to decorate a small space and how to shop smart during all the bed bath and beyond and target college promos. Memories flashed through of how excited I was to be moving into a dorm and getting to start a new journey. I remember moving into my freshman dorm like it was yesterday. Nervously stating my name to the front desk of Grant Towers to obtain my move in packet and key to the first place I would call “home” aside from my actual home. That dorm holds so many memories, it was the place where I ended a 3 year toxic relationship and then I somehow met the person I hope to one day marry  months later (we were next door neighbors), the place where I learned a lot about who I am and who I hoped to be, the place where I discovered my passion, and the place where I fell in love with my school and the people who I met along the way.

Then, I came across my “sorority room” board. Moving into my sorority house was the start of a lot of memories. Sophomore year was by far one of the greatest years of my existence. Living with all my best friends, on Greek row, honestly I couldn’t ask for anything more. I enjoyed two great years as a resident of the Sigma Kappa Palace, and yes it truly was a palace. Complete with a chef and maid, but those weren’t even close to what made the house great. Always having someone to come home to, having people to eat dinner with, always having a bed to snuggle and catch up on tv shows with sisters who are just as obsessed as you are. The walls of that house share so many memories, stories, secrets, tears, and friendships, and having the privilege to live there contributed so much to my college experience.

Lastly, I came across my “formal” board. For anyone who isn’t greek, Formals are held by sororities and fraternities and are the closest thing you have to prom after high school (except these are way more fun). On it you’ll find inspiration for hair and makeup, inspiration I used to attend some of the best events as a Sigma Kappa and Teke girlfriend. You’ll also find inspiration for making coolers – for fraternity formals it’s a tradition to paint a cooler with beer logos and what not for your date to store all your alcohol in for a weekend away with his whole fraternity and their dates. Adam’s formal was one of the best weekends of college, top five best during my four years. Yes, that good. Adam’s fraternity was one of the reasons I had so much fun in college in conjunction with myself deciding to join Sigma Kappa. The friends I made in that house, the ones I spent so much time with over four years, are what made leaving that much harder.

While I know that just because I have graduated it does not mean these amazing friendships end, I know they will continue for a very very long time. I know that. The hard part is knowing that those people won’t be down the hall, or down the street, ever again. My friends and I won’t have those two local shitty yet fun bars to go to for those drink specials you won’t find anywhere else, because adults who aren’t in college are expected to pay much more for “adult” beverages. My friends and I won’t have those fraternity houses to blare the latest hits, or even the hits of the 90’s. Thursdays through Saturdays won’t be filled with pre games and late nights. And the rest of the days of the week won’t be filled with still having the best of times despite having to stay at the library late at night, or even finding fun in obsessing over scripted tv with your best pals despite the fact that all you do is talk about what you did all day while you guys were apart.

I know that bigger and better things are ahead and that things can only get better from here because now my friends and I will be able to afford more than a $2 you call it or a McDonald’s McChicken – thank you college degrees!

Giving the world a taste of me and the things I love. 



dear 18 year old me,



Congrats, you’re officially an “adult” – now what? You and your current best friend leave for college together this year and you are going to have quite the adventure. To start, just a month after you turn 18 you’ll be graduating high school. You’ll feel sad that you are leaving behind some of your best friends and will never see a majority of the faces you’ve seen everyday for the last 12 years. This summer you’ll find yourself binge watching Greek in order to “prepare yourself for college life”, you and your best friend will obsess over all the fun things you are buying for your new home away from home in just a few months. You will realize that the clique of girls you’ve called your best friends will unfortunately dismember upon everyone leaving your suburban town and you’ll probably feel lost, but don’t worry this too shall pass.

That high school romance you had, it’ll end too. You’ll finally find the courage to break up with that loser, you’ll finally let yourself move on. The breakup will be hard, you’ll cry, you’ll fill your dorm rooms trash can filled with all the pictures your put up in your new room that reminded you of those times you spent together. You are going to feel broken and alone, but not for long.

You’ll go out on a limb and rush a sorority, not knowing if this crazy unknown world is for you and you’ll even find the courage to go through it alone. Trust me, you’re going to love it and you’re about to meet some of your life long friends that you won’t be sure how you ever lived without. These girls will be there for all the good times, even the bad times too. During all this craziness, you’re going to forget to call home and check in. Give your parents that call, they miss you more than you understand right now and they still haven’t accepted you’re truly growing up.

On top of all of that, you’re about to fall in love. That guy you refer to as “someone who’s like a brother” to all your floor mates will be the guy you hope will be waiting at the end of the aisle years later. Let yourself be whisked away Jacqueline, its okay and he’s not going to treat you like that ass you put up for way too many years, trust me you’ll see. You will truly never believe in fate as much as you will now that you just happen to meet Mr. Perfect right next door to your dorm room. Plus, this guy is in the fraternity where you will spend countless nights with the greatest guys on campus, dancing in a basement drinking watered down beer, spend a majority of sunny weekends listening to 90’s rock on their deck, and even meet those handful of guys you hope will be in your life for years to come.

You’re going to experience way too many hangovers to count, and cry over failing those exams that you probably should’ve studied for but went out way too many days of the week, because freedom. Take the time to live now because your days at this place will go by far too quick and “adulting” is closer than you realize.

And most importantly, the best is yet to come. Enjoy the next four years, they will go by far too quick.

The truth about me

The truth about me is:

  • I enjoy beer, shitty beer, fruity beer, IPA’s, most beers I enjoy
  • My favorite thing to do alone is spend an hour in target walking up and down the aisles, finding things I don’t need but just have to have
  • Simple things, like buying candles from Bath and Body works or stopping for a Starbucks on my way home make me happy
  • I hate when people don’t text with any emotion- no emojis, exclamation marks, nothing. Really bugs me
  • I send my parents a good morning text everyday during the week
  • I enjoy reality tv more than is good for me
  • fresh peonies are my favorite
  • I blast rap music really loud at 8am on the way to my internship as a probation officer to “set the mood”
  • I have a weird addiction to buying coffee mugs, tumblr cups, and water bottles
  • I have a pinterest board titled “newly wed home” with expensive kitchens and bathrooms. It will happen one day.
  • I eat breakfast in bed every single day
  • I enjoy buying home decor more than anything else
  • I make a PB & J for dinner on many occasions
  • Sometimes I prefer to listen rather than talk

The truth about me is, I am a simple girl. I have weird quirks. But most importantly I love who I am.


Giving the world a taste of me and the things I love. 

2015 Favorites

2015 was a great year, here’s the things I really loved-


  • Foundations: My two favorites this year were definetly Loreal Infallible and It Cosmetics CC Cream. The Loreal Infallible is easily comparable to higher end foundations and gives you a perfect matte and build able coverage. The It Cosmetics CC Cream gives you a high coverage without feeling caked on, applies smoothly, and has tons of benefits for your skin built in.
  • Mascara’s: Of course my all time favorite is the Their Real by Benefit Mascara but I also found a dupe and possibly better formula by trying out Loreal’s Carbon Black Mascara. This one gives your lashes volume and length and I often get asked if I’m wearing false lashes when I really pack on the coats.
  • Blushes/Bronzers: Benefits Hoola Bronzer is a holy grail, I also recently obtained the Kat Von D shade and light pallet which I am absolutely obsessed with. Nars Orgasm, and Milani’s Luminoso were blushes that I really loved. I also bought a Bare Minerals Face Powder in a medium dark shade that I loved popping on my cheeks for a quick blush/bronzer combo.
  • Highlighters: Best highlighters by far and my holy grail products are Benefits Watts Up and Urban Decays highlight in their Flushed Pallet.
  • Lip Products: I try out far too many lip products but 2015 had me obsessed with all shades of NYX matte lip butters and stains.
  • Hair: The Instyler Max gives me sleek straight hair and bouncy curls and is a new favorite. I also really loved Loreal’s Volume line of products in conjunction with my love of Big and Sexy Hair which is a holy holy grail of over 6 years.
  • Bath and Body Works Stress Relief Line: I will and have re-purchased the lotion, shower gel, and candle. I love you, thank you for keeping me sane with the placebo effect of actually relieving stress.
  • Essie Polishes: All shades, all the time, I will forever give you my eight dollars and fifty cents for polished fingers.


  • Macbook Pro Retina: My parents surprised me with a Macbook this Christmas and I am in love, obsessed, and will never return to a PC.
  • UrBeats: Also a Christmas surprise from my parents were  the best pair of earbuds I have ever owned, they literally create a concert in your ears but I think my parents are regretting their purchase because of how powerful the noise cancelling is.
  • Hyundai Elantra: My parents were pretty generous this year and upgraded my Scion XB to a beautiful fully loaded Hyundai Elantra, I am throughly obsessed with this sleek, stylish, and gas efficient ride and an overly thankful to them for all they bless me with.
  • Apple TV: I am such a sucker for apple products. I love the simplicity of being able to airplay things to my tv and binge watching Grey’s Anatomy at the click of a button is amazing and also dangerous.
  • Takeya Cold Brew Maker: I am not a morning person without coffee, I also sometimes have to chug my coffee which makes cold brews a necessity. This convenient little guy gives me the ability to pack the filter with coffee grounds, fill with water, and leave over night to “brew” in the fridge. In the morning I am able to pour a glass with a dash of creamer and power through the day.
  • Hulu Membership: A couple months ago I bought a Hulu membership and I am not sure why I didn’t own one before to feed my addiction to reality tv.


  • VSCO Cam: Thank you for making my pictures pretty.
  • Sound Cloud: I am a sucker for mashups and remixes of songs. This app rocks to create playlists, find new music, and instantly listen to a song at the touch of a button.


  • Mahogany Teakwood Candle/Wall Flower: Bath and Body Works create basically the Abercrombie and Fitch store in a scent and while I do not miss overpaying for screen printed tees and flare leg jeans with holes, that scent of their store is amazing.
  • YouTubers: Anyone who knows me knows I love watching my YouTube Subscriptions more than TV. My favorite people to watch are: Marissa Lace/Marissa Kathryn, Meghan Reinks, Sarah Belle, and LeighanSays. Check them out for tons of great videos!
  • TV: I re-watched all of the Jersey Shore this year in my spare time, yes all the seasons and I would do it all again and probably will. I’ve been obsessing over Grey’s Anatomy and am totally late to the bandwagon. Sadly, I was not impressed with this seasons AHS but am hopeful for the 2016 season.
  • Shoes: This year I got my first pair of Hunter Boots and a pair of Converse-both a very utilized and loved favorite. Ankle booties also were a big favorite this year and I purchased a pair in every color of leather or suede available.
  • Zara: I recently went there for the first time and was overly impressed with the quality and prices. I purchased literally the most comfortable pair of black jeggings and will definitely be returning back.
  • Skis: A couple years ago my boyfriend who has the ability to ski down a hill backwards with a drink in his hand (not kidding) took me skiing and although I fell almost every single time every 60 seconds I really enjoyed it and after continually going for two years my parents surprised me with my very own pair of (of course pink fashionable) skis that I really love and now that I classify myself as an intermediate skier and have my own pair I am even more in love with skiing.
  • Marble: I love marble printed things, the sleek and simple look it gives has been stealing my heart. I purchased a Macbook Pro and iPhone 6 marble case from GMYLE that is great quality and really pretty.


Giving the world a taste of me and the things I love. 


Why falling in love with my guy best friend was the greatest thing to ever happen to me 


One of our very first pictures at a home football game.

My Freshman year of college was definitely one for the books. I moved away from home to live at my university, I made new friends, I joined a sorority, I pulled all nighters studying for exams, consumed more coffee and fried foods than I thought possible, and I also fell in love with my guy best friend.

Shortly after moving away to college I broke up with a long term boyfriend, it was difficult. Not because I loved him anymore, not because I would miss him, but frankly because I wasn’t sure how to be alone. So, what did I do when I felt alone? I joined a sorority house of 60 women during my universities formal recruitment. Now how does this relate at all you may ask?

Well, upon moving into my dorm I soon met my next door neighbor. He was a sophomore and our first encounters were him leading a group of my new friends (also freshman) and I to a target trip and around campus. It wasn’t until after those first few weeks of school that I had joined a sorority, he had joined a fraternity, and I was bugging him to watch GrΣΣΚ with me because the show was so similar to our lives. Soon after that we were doing everything together, and through our commonality of being Greek that was the starting moments of us becoming best friends. I felt comfortable around him, comfortable enough that we would go eat just the two of us together in the dinning halls. We’d sit and have random conversations for over twice as long as it took to finish or food, we’d walk to classes together as if our schedules were meshed as one, and funny thing is; we were there to listen to one another complain about dating members of the opposite sex and soon enough I found myself avoiding other boys because I just wanted to hang out with him, talk to him, learn more about him.

It wasn’t until a few months into the school year that I realized I was falling in love with the guy I had once said was like a brother to me and lucky for me, he was falling for me too.

Falling in love with my guy best friend was one of the best things to ever happen to me. Before we fell in love, we learned how to make eachother laugh harder than we ever could’ve imagined. We talked about things we felt like we could share with no one else. We were there for eachother during the good times, and the not so good times too. We created an amazing friendship so quickly that we didn’t realize we had found our soulmate along the way. He was there to watch me be broken by a boy who didn’t deserve me, and he was there to support me through my weakest and toughest times. He was always there when I needed someone to walk home with, someone to talk to, and he never got annoyed by me knocking on his door to hang out just moments after I could hear he was home from class. All those reasons, well all those reasons are what make adam so great and there’s even more reasons as to why I still fall in love with him more and more everyday. Our friendship and really getting to know eachother as if we had grown up together is what built an amazing foundation to the relationship we have today.

I love that boy so much, so incredibly much. I love our story. I love the way he laughs at my jokes, really laughs at my jokes even when they’re not actually funny. I love the way he’s so kind, kind enough to always let me pick what we watch on tv despite his hate and my love for reality tv and cheesy romantic comedies. I love the way he calls me everyday on his way home from work just to ask how my day was, and when I don’t answer he always leaves a loving voicemail for me to come back to. I love the way he puts up with my crazy, passionate, and sometimes difficult personality, and I love the way we accept each others faults and differences.  I love the way he still listens every time I say “isn’t it weird were dating”, even though it’s been 3 years because for him the answer has always been no, but for me it’s a reminder of where we’ve been and where we are today. I can’t imagine a life without him, and frankly I pray I never have to.

Whatever I did to deserve him, I’m glad I did it.

Giving the world a taste of me and the things I love.